The pharmacy’s customer loyalty program

The pharmacy’s customer loyalty program

The pharmacy’s customer loyalty program 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Have you ever wondered if you reward your frequent shoppers and loyal customers or how you can grow your customer base?

A pharmacy reward program is commonplace nowadays and one should track its results at least on a weekly basis. Any pharmacy can adopt such a program which is of major importance in attracting new customers, boosting sales and producing lots of benefits both for the pharmacy and the consumers. In addition to that, it helps the pharmacist record the features of his clientele and guides him in satisfying their needs in a more effective way.

A trustworthy customer loyalty program must incorporate a series of features, such as:

  • attractive design of the registration form and the customer loyalty card
  • individual and group staff training
  • consistent pricing policy per product category
  • a pricing policy aligned with the points redemption system
  • an impeccable technical support
  • a plan for targeting new clients
  • promotional texts
  • progress reports and results’ evaluation

With the above terms fulfilled, a pharmacy reward program drives incremental business and boosts the pharmacy’s loyal clientele.