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POS Operations Optimization:
Personnel Tasks, Training & Monitoring

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/ POS Operations

Personnel Tasks, Training & Monitoring

Ongoing collaboration to monitor & organize the internal operation of an existing pharmacy, of any size, through initial & ongoing restructuring of administrative & service tasks. Continuous monitoring & observation of applied procedures for necessary optimization, as well as providing of targeted individual & group training to operating personnel.


/ Objective /

  • Structured function based on the organization chart
  • Quality and customer service time management
  • Time & risk management of supporting processes
  • Managing the hierarchy of human resources
  • Separation of positions of responsibility and duties
  • Definition & clarity of duties
  • Assign tasks to employees based on proven skills
  • Addressing the risks of providing services to the public
  • Highlighting of reinforced areas & benefits
  • Identification of employees under a purpose & cohesion (unifying behaviour)
  • Employees’ satisfaction & reduction of resignation risk
  • Protection of business interests
  • Trained management & operation team

01/ Evaluation

Initial & afterwards repeated evaluation-report of the pharmacy’s profile, of the people surrounding it and of the quality of the tasks.


  • Owner’s business vision & the role of the personnel in it
  • Owner’s satisfaction in running the business
  • Owner’s knowledge level in human resources management
  • Establishing business core values
  • Management & managers profile – organization chart


  • Behaviour, motivational style, job satisfaction & personnel commitment
  • Staffing skills, roles & duties
  • Level of handling internal processes (frontline & back-office processes)
  • Personnel style, image & behaviour
  • Quality of customer service
  • Internal Communication level & Team spirit

02/ System Design (Redesign) & Implementation

Initial design & afterwards optimization of the quality management of the internal processes system, taking into account the customized image of the pharmacy.

  • Organization chart and hierarchy levels
  • Description of duties for managers, executives and personnel
  • Separation of responsibility and execution tasks
  • Definition of team spirit during working hours
  • Definition of time and quality sequence of tasks
  • Report of surplus or deficit jobs
  • System redesign & redefinition of existing or new employees’ duties

03/ Monitoring

Continuous support to managers & personnel to optimize quality of operations.

  • Consulting on personnel strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of internal monitoring system to control the personnel & the procedures implemented by managers
  • Guidance of personnel on applied procedures
  • On-site observation at the pharmacy for quality control & data collection
  • Σύγκριση στοιχείων & ευρημάτων με προηγούμενες παρατηρήσεις & συλλεγμένα στοιχεία από εσωτερικό έλεγχο διοίκησης
  • Σχεδιασμός θέσεων εργασίας νέων εργαζομένων προς στελέχωση

04a/ Management Training

Individual targeted training of executives in the organization of internal administrative functions.

  • Management and supervision of the customer service: Drug prescription, lab and free sales
  • Products organizing: Orders, deliveries, storage and shelves replenishment
  • Financial and quality crisis management with clients
  • Control and deposit of insurance funds prescriptions
  • Financial transactions and backlogs
  • Personnel Training Management
  • Organizing personnel shifts, working hours and days off
  • Financial transactions and backlogs
  • Personnel Training Management
  • Organizing personnel shifts, working hours and days off

04b/ Operations Training

Individual & Group Targeted Training in Procedural Operational Flow Tasks in Customer Service Areas.

  • Online drugs prescription
  • Online supplies prescription
  • Handwritten insurance fund prescription for immunotherapy vaccines
  • Progress update of prescriptions/orders
  • Medicines lending
  • Pending issues management
  • Free Sales
    • Medicines & drugs/quinolones
    • Over the counter (OTC) products
    • Parapharmaceutical categories
  • Laboratory formulations support
    • Galenical preparations on prescriptions
    • Galenical preparations on an insurance fund prescriptions
    • Homeopathic preparations
  • Pharmacy Services
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Use of diagnostic and medical devices
    • Nursing services and primary healthcare
    • Beauty and skincare guidances

/ Methodology

The permanent collaboration between pharmacy’s managers, personnel and the consulting team is carried out through a specific methodology.

  • Collection of evaluation data through discussion & questionnaires
  • Individual & group meetings – interviews
  • On – site observation of personnel
  • Textual reports of evaluation results, duties & descriptions
  • Flow & hierarchy charts
  • Tables of results
  • Phone and e-mail chat
  • Online project management software for the effective collaboration between parties


/ Result /

  • Coordinated management & organized task preparation
  • Effective & quality customer service
  • Reduce mismanagement & risks in implementing tasks
  • Personnel training on their weaknesses depending on systematic logging
  • Identification of employees with the pharmacy’s business strategy
  • Optimization of economy and operating costs
  • Raise administrative profile & distribution of responsibilities
  • Continuous management & personnel training