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Branded Loyalty Program Set up

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/Branded Loyalty
Program Set up

Project for the implementation of the pharmacy’s promotional program by developing at the same time the company’s brand identity. The objective is to set a customer – centric and creative approach, laying the groundwork for future communication and promotional activities which will boost the pharmacy’s visibility.

/ Objective /

  • Differentiate the communication strategy compared to competition
  • Promote founder’s image in a contemporary creative approach
  • Customer monetary rewards according to their purchases
  • Keep track record & nominal sales record
  • Separate loyal from potential customers
  • Set a stable commercial policy for parapharmaceuticals
  • Price reduction of discounts
  • Develop third – parties cooperation

/ Brand Identity

  • Brainstorming process with the pharmacy founder and the creative team
  • Conceptualization and design of creative approaches
  • Definition of fonts, colors and advertising texts
  • Finalization of the corporate identity
  • Design of the basic communication and packaging materials
  • Delivery of files to the print shop and usage specifications

/ Usage & Adaptations

Corporate identity specifications can be used in the future to promote the company’s branding effectively, with the appropriate adjustments to:

  • Internal and exterior point-of-sale signage (concept store)
  • Product and corporate promotional actions
  • Private label products
  • Promotion of the laboratory unit
  • Web, social media & e-mail communication
  • Nominal recording of the promotional print distribution
  • Liaise the pharmacy with local businesses
  • Social Media

/ Loyalty Program Design & Personnel Training

  • Fixed commercial policy for parapharmaceuticals
  • New member registration process and initial membership privileges
  • Points collection and redemption systems by purchase
  • Terms and conditions of use of loyalty program
  • Software consulting customization
  • Graphic design
  • Creation of promotional materials for advertising purposes
  • Customer service training
  • On-site staff training
  • Pharmacy support and consulting during the first implementation period

/ Usage & Adaptations

The loyalty program can support the commercial and advertising needs of the pharmacy, through the appropriate adjustments.

  • More points to be credited in targeted brands and companies on various periods of the year
  • Generous reward for targeted customer segments
  • Increase customer number and attract new target groups
  • Acquisition of a parallel commercial online shopping channel
  • Promotion of pharmacy services
  • Staff evaluation on customer service
  • Reduction of redemption costs through offset actions
  • Nominal recording of the promotional distribution
  • Liaise the pharmacy with local businesses
  • Social media

/ Result /

  • Personalized and branded image
  • Increase of sales and new customers
  • Develop loyalty and customer engagement
  • Differentiation compared to the discount policies of the competition
  • Effective customer service according to buying behaviour
  • Precision data for decision making
  • Customer club for targeted communication
  • Laying the groundwork for applied marketing activities
  • Connection with online media and other companies