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New POS Marketing Setup:
Local Market Research, Product Mix Consulting, Loyalty Program Set Up & Personnel Training

New Pharmacy | Set Up Service

/New POS Marketing Setup:

Local Market Research, Product Mix Consulting,
Loyalty Program Set Up & Personnel Training

Commercial organization of the new pharmacy through local competition and the overall market research, organization of the parapharmaceutical product mix and planning of the fundamental commercial policy and benefits program.

/ Objective /

  • Assessment of quality & commercial policy of competition products
  • Search for the best product categories and brands
  • Identification of local businesses that contribute to the purpose of the pharmacy
  • Targeting specific audiences
  • Development of alternative categories
  • Cooperation with local producers
  • Customer monetary reward according to their purchases
  • Recording history and nominal sales
  • Set a stable commercial policy for parapharmaceuticals
  • Cost reduction of value discounts
  • Development of cooperation with third parties

01/ Market Research

Local market research to identify business opportunities related to individual customer groups and targeted product categories.

  • Research on natural commerce and e-commerce for new opportunities
  • Demographic criteria for community customers
  • Consumers’ special features and definition of educational/social level
  • Type and quantity of competing businesses and commercial anchors
  • Service providers related to the purpose of the pharmacy
  • Research of the local community products
  • Research on the extended brand trend of the pharmacy channel

/ Methodology

  • On-site visit and observation of the community and the local competition
  • On-line research and data collection
  • Discussion with local consumers
  • Discussion with the management to record interesting suggestions

02/ Product Mix Consulting &
Orders Management

Supply chain pharmacy consulting and first delivery guidance.

  • Consultation on brands and product categories of the parapharmaceutical product mix
  • Meetings with brand representatives
  • Evaluation of the commercial policy and product quality
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions on cooperation and training of the pharmacy’s personnel
  • Research on long-term supplier support to the pharmacy
  • Pharmacy consulting on the ideal time to place orders
  • Product and display placement in the pharmacy (floor plan provided)

03/ Loyalty Program Design &
Personnel Training

Design and implementation of the pharmacy loyalty program by developing commercial policy, design of new members’ graphic design materials and staff training.

  • Fixed commercial policy for parapharmaceuticals
  • New member registration process and initial privileges
  • Collecting and redeeming point systems
  • Terms and conditions of the loyalty program
  • Advisory software customization
  • Graphic design of new members’ registration consumables (leaflet and member card)
  • Creation of promotional texts for advertising purposes
  • Staff training on customer service
  • On-site staff guidance during implementation

/ Usage & Adaptations

The loyalty program can support the pharmacy’s commercial and advertising needs with the appropriate adjustments.

  • More points to be credited in targeted categories and brands on various periods of the year
  • Generous rewards for targeted shopper groups
  • Increase customer number and attract new target groups
  • Acquisition of a parallel commercial online shopping channel
  • Promotion of pharmacy services
  • Staff evaluation on costumer service
  • Reduction of redemption costs through offset actions
  • Nominal recording of promotional print distribution
  • Liaise the pharmacy with local businesses
  • Social media

/ Result /

  • Commercial evaluation of the competition and identification of development opportunities
  • Investment on the optimal parapharmaceutical product mix
  • Differentiation from competition (products and discount policy)
  • Definition of targeted customer groups
  • Development of a tool for customer loyalty and engagement
  • Recording accurate data for business decision making
  • Development of loyalty program for targeted communication
  • Background development for applied marketing
  • Ability to liaise with online media and third parties