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/ Physical Pharmacy
360o Marketing Management:

In Store & Web Advertising

Definition of the business strategy and customer approach, communication actions planning, communication channels management, monitoring the results and consulting support for a physical pharmacy.

/ Objective /

  • Distinct definition of purpose/strategy/philosophy
  • Awareness and promotion of customer – driven services
  • Optimization of the quality of customer service
  • Differentiation of the brand image and the overall environment compared to the competition
  • Customer relationship management & increase of customer engagement
  • Optimization of sales/customers results and product management

01/ Planning

Define actions, target the audience and identify the right time and way to communicate in order to improve the pharmacy needs.

  • Customer loyalty, commitment and reward
  • Brand/category promotion or brand launch
  • Improvement of stock quality and quantity
  • Customer boost and management
  • Seasonal actions and social awareness
  • Scientific information
  • Promotion of primary healthcare services
  • Improvement of point-of-sales and communication channels’ traffic

02/ Budgeting

Each marketing plan comes along with the respective Marketing Budget.

  • Third-party advertising costs (Facebook ads, Google ads, 3rd party advertising, etc.)
  • Printing, production and constructions
  • Urgent media actions for a specific period of time

03/ Design

Design, production and preparation of communication actions.

  • Search for creative trends in the overall market
  • Brainstorming and development of creative ideas
  • Graphic design of visual materials (print, online media)
  • Advertising slogans and copywriting
  • Articles
  • Photography and video editing
  • Interior decoration
  • Printing
  • Handcrafting & DIY productions

04/ Communication

04/ Communication

In Store & Channels / Contracted Services

Product Placement
Placement of selected product categories and brands in high traffic and visibility areas.

Digital Signage
Branded communication of the corporate and product actions through digital media on site. Remote management of content, image – video – audio – questionnaires.

Personnel & Oral Communication
Define staff’s tasks for promotional reasons and customer engagement through qualitative and quantitative targeting plans (management instructions).

SMS – Mobile messaging
Define staff’s tasks for promotional reasons and customer engagement through qualitative and quantitative targeting plans (management instructions).

04/ Communication

Web Advertising Channels / Contracted Services

Create a human, warm and understanding profile through promotional activities. Mainly used for branding reasons, aiming at connecting the physical store with the web and approaching effectively the local community.

Email Marketing
Send press releases via e-mail to customers, informing them on specific corporate activities and products.

Promote a human, warm and understanding profile of the pharmacy online via personnel photos and everyday snapshots. It’s an effective communication channel used for branding and engagement with the local community.

Web Blogging & Content
Corporate and scientific communication through articles (writing and editing). Communication material related to the pharmacy’s profile, promoting its scientific background.

04/ Communication

Web Advertising Channels / Upon Marketing Budget

Google Network
Promotion through targeted keywords to advertise the physical pharmacy and its website.

3rd Party Web
Advertise the pharmacy and its website through third – party websites targeting the same audience. Communication is achieved through banners, articles, etc.

05/ Analysis & Reporting

Qualitative/Quantitative analysis and report of the pharmacy and the communication channels’ results, aiming to evaluate and optimize performance.

  • Prescription of medicines
  • Purchases, sales and stock of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products
  • Personnel’s sales log
  • Static and dynamic data extracted from the customer loyalty program
  • Management and personnel standpoints
  • Observation results of service quality
  • Traffic and performance of managed point-of-sale and communication channels (instore and web advertising channels)

06/ Advisoring, Auditing & Training

Marketing management support, consulting and guidance services.

    • Physical presence of consultant
    • Training and reviewing personnel meetings
    • Onsite and remote management meetings
    • Open communication channel for issues between the consultant and the pharmacy
    • Staff support with target plans and action management instructions
    • Communication with third parties to manage activities
    • Evaluation and guidance on issues related to procurement, staffing, business development, etc.
      • Provide observation forms, qualitative and quantitative analysis
      • Collection of computer data, further analysis with specialized software
      • Provide comparative data with overall market indicators
      • Advisory results reports (graphs, tables, SWOT analysis, comments and improvement suggestions)
      • Online communication and collaboration tools: emailing, online chatting, project management, file transferring, Microsoft Office 365 license

/ Result /

  • Integrated and professional support in marketing management
  • Communication based on direct response and validity
  • Monitoring & optimization of pharmacy sales, purchases and stock
  • Personalized point approach by a multi – specialist team

/ Your new team /

  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Pharmacy Sales force personnel


  • Marketing Consultant & Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Art Director
  • Copywriter
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Social Media Expert
  • Producers & Handcrafters