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Personnel Training:
Management, Operations, Sales & Marketing

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/Personnel Training:
Management, Operations,
Sales & Marketing

Individual or group training sessions for the personnel of the pharmacy on management and operating procedures, as well as customer service and sales promotion topics. The sessions take place either during or outside working hours.

/ Objective /

  • Increase productivity, systematize & maintain quality standards
  • Troubleshooting & promotion of advantages
  • Reduction of wrong actions
  • Marketing & sales optimization & strategy framing
  • Reduce working time
  • Control of administrative costs
  • Employee satisfaction & risk reduction resignation

/ Management Seminars

Basic theory and pharmacy management skills

  • Development of vision, goals and objective of the business
  • Improvement of management and personnel performance
  • Project management, time management, cost and quality management
  • Leadership and Micromanagement
  • Control and Management of the quality and processes system
  • Internal communication and teamwork

Practical management topics

  • Management and supervision of the customer service: Drug prescription, lab and free sales
  • Product organizing: orders, deliveries, storage and replenishment of shelves
  • Financial and quality crisis management with clients
  • Control and deposit of insurance funds prescriptions
  • Financial transactions and pending issues
  • Personnel training management
  • Organizing the work shifts, working hours and leaves of personnel

/ Operations Seminars

Practical training of the personnel on operating flow duties in customer service areas.

  • Online drugs prescription
  • Online supplies prescription
  • Handwritten insurance fund prescription for immunotherapy vaccines
  • Progress update of prescriptions/orders
  • Medicines lending
  • Pending issues management
  • Free Sales
    • Medicines & drugs/quinolones
    • Over the counter (OTC) products
    • Parapharmaceutical categories
  • Laboratory formulations support
    • Galenical preparations on an insurance fund prescription
    • Homeopathic preparations
  • Pharmacy Services
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Use of diagnostic and medical devices
    • Nursing services and primary healthcare
    • Beauty and skincare guidance

/ Sales & Marketing Seminars

Sales and marketing seminars

  • Consumer psychology
  • Customer segmentation and categorization
  • Customer service and sales techniques
  • Customer reward, satisfaction and commitment
  • Communication and empathy
  • Cross-selling, up-selling and down-selling
  • After-sales support
  • Phone customer service
  • Promotions management

/ Result /

  • Continuous management & service training
  • Improving work performance and business approach of consumer-patient
  • Personnel Identification & cohesion (unifying behaviour)
  • Improvement of pharmacy’s profile & reputation
  • Continuous cooperation with qualified pharmacy consultants