/ Pharmacy Software

PharmacyBrain software individually and holistically supports the commercial computerization of the modern Pharmacy, in order to provide efficient and fast Customer-Patient service.

The Software provides the Pharmacy a complete and optimal management of
all its daily commercial and operational needs, among all the collaborating parties: Insurance Companies, Suppliers, Collaborating Pharmacies, Customers, Doctors, Accounting Department & Warehouses.

/ Objective

  • High Quality & fast Customer service.
  • Liaison with all cooperating parties of the Pharmacy.
  • Full picture and control of the commercial and
    financial data of each Customer – Patient.
  • Reduction of transaction time & back office processes.
  • Increase of the Company’s commerciality.
  • Direct management of orders, receipts, and inventory.
  • Centralization & Systematization of information.
  • Reduction of risk from Users mistakes.
  • Aggregated picture of results for optimal
    management and decision-making.
  • Connection of the Software with third-party applications.
  • Organization of Pharmacy’s Personnel and resources.

/ Applications, Services & Support

/ POS Application

/ Management of Retail Customer
Transactions & Execution of Prescriptions

  • Main Touch Screen for holistic management &
    fast Customer order creation.
  • Connection with state Electronic Prescription System
    (IDIKA in Greece & GESY in Cyprus).
  • Control of Counterfeit Medicines (KOEF, only in Cyprus).
  • Management of Customer History & Data.
  • Display of Customer’s Commercial & Financial Data.
  • Parallel Management of Medicine Prescription Execution & OTC Sale.
  • Emergency order (for Out-of-Stock items) from Supplier.
  • Management of medicines lent to Customers.
  • Management of multiple transactions of different
    Customers to reduce queue time.
  • Merge of different transactions
    (prescribed medicines / OTC items)
    into a single receipt.
  • Various pop-ups that warn User for errors and
    provide promotional tips.
  • Management of Customers’ pending orders that
    saves the Pharmacy from handwritten notes.
  • Display of instructions for use for formulations, individually per Customer or per formulation.
  • Fast payment completion (payment methods, discount, rounding of payable amount, calculation of change, etc.)
  • Detailed receipt containing all necessary information
    to ensure Customers’ interests.
  • Restoration of a transaction that has been completed for execution in case of Application’s crash (e.g., due to power failure, etc.).

/ Back Office Application

/ Integrated Back Office
Process Management & Business Administration

  • Issuance & management of all documents related to the Pharmacy’s sales (retail, wholesale, returns, sales cancelation, credit notes, etc.).
  • Easy creation of orders & possibility of direct forwarding to the main Suppliers (drugstores) through Online bridges – Livestock Monitoring.
  • Complete delivery receipt control system, fast registration & management of purchase documents.
  • Online registration of delivery receipts from bridged Suppliers, ensuring vital time for Users.
  • Ability to transform a return slip into a sale receipt.
  • Easy processing of code list, mass display of discounts, use of multiple price lists & code lists
    for e-shop or multiple Pharmacies.
  • Optimal Customer management & grouping, connection of Customer data with other applications & export of data for evaluation.
  • Financial data & sales logs (multiple filters) per period selected by the User & proper management of reports for evaluation.
  • Management of cash register per shift & possibility
    of optimal monitoring of cash available.
  • Multiple privileges & access levels for Users to safeguard security issues.

/ Content Database

Product code content licenses with:

  • Descriptions
  • Retail Prices & Costs
  • Key Supplier Codes
  • Statistical Analysis of Categories & Subcategories
  • Multiple Sales Barcodes
  • Information on Medicines, etc.

/ MIS Chain License

License to use the bridge connecting the central Pharmacy with regional branches, for a shared Warehouse, a unified clientele and centralized management of the total resources of the Pharmacy Network.

/ Set up Services

for Software Installation & Users Training

/ Users Training

Individual user training services prior to the launch of the new installation and on-site presence of a Consultant during
the first days of the Live Run for full day guidance of the Users.

/ Data Migration

Transfer of Customer, Supplier & Warehouse files from previous software system and match of previous stocks with the new item content database.

/ Software Installation

Software installation on the Pharmacy’s Server and PCs. Technical and commercial configurations in the system and the exported reports.

/ Annual Software Services

for Ongoing Users Support & Development

/ Users Remote Training

Annual telephone support Contract for demonstration
and guidance on the use of the software.

/ New Releases & Bugs Fixing

Annual Support Contract for New Releases, Bugs Fixing,
System Integration and Prescription changes, as well as
remote technical support in Application’s malfunctions.