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Development & Marketing Management

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/ Private E-Commerce Service
for POS Customers:

Development & Marketing Management

Simultaneous activity of the online pharmacy with controlled access. Targeting on retail customers (B2C) who are members of the loyalty program & consumers working in companies cooperating with the pharmacy (B2Corp).

/ Objective /

  • Seamless shopping experience
  • Protection of the online commercial policy against malicious competition
  • Direct communication between pharmacy business and customers
  • Customer expansion (in number and locations)
  • Increase of average customer spending
  • Management of telephone orders
  • Approach of customer segments using differentiated commercial policies
  • Experience of a wider product range
  • Increase of customer mobility between the pharmacy’s sections

/ Capabilities

The e-channel navigation and access environment is separated into Public and Private Sections.

Public Section

Free access.

  • Pharmacy corporate communication in branded environment
  • Presentation of promotional actions
  • Informative articles in blog environment
  • Request for access to the Private Section for Loyatly Program members
  • Online registration to the Loyatly Program
  • Login environment in the Private Section

Private Section

Private access only to Loyalty Program members.

  • Customised communication while browsing
  • History of purchases and other data of the loyalty program
  • Products presentation with multiple categorization and filtering levels
  • Multiple commercial policy management tools
  • Automated procedures for further customer reward
  • Management of the commercial policy for various Shoppers groups
  • Online chatting and file uploading tools

/ Services
Pharmacy Customization

The service is provided by the online platform
developed by Pharmacy2020. It is customized to meet
the needs and the custom domain of the pharmacy.

  • Custom creative design according to the brand name specifications
  • Text and photograph services for the needs of the corporate communication
  • Development of a fixed commercial policy using the loyalty program
  • Terms and conditions for the use of the website
  • Interface with e-POS for secure online banking transactions
  • Customization of transport expenses depending on target areas
  • Design of consumables and packaging
  • Pharmacy staff training on platform and order management

/ Marketing
E-Commerce Management

Communication and promotion of the online sales channel to existing customers is carried out simultaneously with the promotion actions physical pharmacy (extension of cooperation).

  • Independent marketing plan and budget for the online channel
  • Promotion through in store and web advertising channels to B2C and B2Corp clientele
  • Creative design of the online channel actions
  • Content and actions management through a back-end environment
  • Ensure content marketing (descriptions, photos and categorization)
  • Creation of articles and specific texts for use on web blogs

/ Result /

  • Development of Loyalty Program
  • Acquisition of an additional channel in addition to the physical one
  • Web presence and remote communication guaranteed
  • Customer service and extension of business hours
  • Development of future pharmacy services with online management
  • Serving targeted customer groups to cooperating companies