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360o Pharmacy
Commercial Architecture:
Branding, Interior & Exterior Design

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/ 360o Pharmacy
Commercial Architecture:

Branding, Interior & Exterior Design

Holistic approach and study of the pharmacy through the conceptualization and the creative development of the company’s corporate identity, based on the personality of the founder and the commercial architecture of the store. The aim is to establish a modern and personalized consumer approach, to make use of technological means and to manage effectively the pharmacy.

/ Objective /

  • Character & personality outline of the pharmacy founder
  • Distinct & differentiated image compared to the competition
  • Prestige & awareness increase
  • Attractive commercial exploitation
  • Effective management of commercial projections & the product mix
  • Development of pharmacy services
  • Management of the internal processes regarding supply & storage
  • Creation of a pleasant working environment

/ Brand Identity

  • Brainstorming process with the pharmacy founder and the creative team
  • Conceptualization and design of creative approaches
  • Definition of fonts, colors and advertising texts
  • Finalization of the corporate identity
  • Design of the basic communication and packaging materials
  • Delivery of files to the print shop and usage specifications

/ Usage & Adaptations

The corporate identity specifications can be applied in the future for the effective branding of the business with the use of the appropriate adjustments in the following categories:

  • Product and corporate promotion actions
  • Private label products
  • Promotion of the laboratory unit
  • Print communication
  • Online sales channel
  • Web, social media & e-mail communication

/ Interior Architecture

  • Listing of the building needs and urban designs
  • Drafting of the organization chart and the pharmacy’s operating procedures
  • Preliminary study of layouts
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Product placement
    • Intermediate points of service
    • Queue management and final service
    • Auxiliary spaces and service areas
    • Decorative materials and constructions
    • General and decorative lighting
    • Automatic product management systems
  • Delivery of the final construction study
    • Construction work
    • Electromechanical spots
    • Costing of construction project and supplies chart
    • Building guidelines and descriptions for the contractors

/ Exterior Architecture

Design of facades and the surrounding environment.

  • Openings and doors of entrance/exit
  • Signage and spot signs
  • Advertising and information points
  • Facade and exterior decoration
  • Parking and pedestrian paths
  • General and decorative lighting

/ Shop Fitting

Design of special furniture systems.

  • Benches and service equipment
  • Costumised furniture and dividing walls
  • Intermediate systems and product screening
  • Audience waiting and gathering
  • Service equipment
  • Advertising projections and signage systems

/ Visual Merchandising &
Interior Branding

  • Product mix categorization plan
  • Communication of categories and brands
  • Adaptation of corporate identity and space branding
  • Signage and decoration of the store, shelves and special constructions

/ Digital Signage Study

  • Installation design of interactive indoor and outdoor screens
  • Design of special support structures and power supply for the interactive screens
  • Design and upload of branded content, slideshows and video animations
  • Future use of screens for the display of the marketing plan advertising messages
  • Opportunity to exploit digital media in collaboration with parapharmaceutical brands

/ Warehouse Design

  • Organization of warehouses based on procedures for receiving, storing and replacing products at the pharmacy’s shelves
  • Definition of the working positions for the warehouse managers and collaboration code
  • Long-term and short-term storage points management

/ Result /

  • Personalized and branded aesthetics
  • Increase of sales and of the customers’ number
  • Increase of awareness within the local community
  • Cohesive corporate image in line with external communication channels
  • Pleasant & engaging environment and optimized pharmacy operation