How can I offer the best possible service?

How can I offer the best possible service?

How can I offer the best possible service? 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Modern pharmacies have gone beyond providing medicines or high-quality consumer products. The main concern for the pharmacist and his staff should nowadays be how to provide the best possible service to the pharmacy’s patients and consumers.

Do not dictate. Understand customers from their point of view. Patients and customers have their own view on health issues; a pharmacist must be able to understand the consumer’s view and of course discuss and inform, rather than impose himself as an authority.

Good attitude comes along with profit. Many times consumers are choosing the wrong product for them, based on the hype or the advertising message. The pharmacy staff should show empathy and point out the right product, separating the action of caring for patients versus turning a profit. Helping a customer choose the right product should never be confused with the profit margin.

Attention to details. Excellent service has always to do with details and that is how you can be appreciated by your customers. A typical approach is not enough anymore. Your staff should be trained to help customers or patients to optimise their experience and make them feel unique.

Although patients and customers become more demanding and the role of the pharmacy gets more broad and complex, the recipe for keeping the business afloat in an increasingly competitive market remains the high level of service and the personalized approach.