Promoting your pharmacy

Promoting your pharmacy

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Effective communication with the existing and the potential audience is the pillar of success of a pharmacy. Nowadays, communication has to be direct and personalized. A pharmacist is rarely qualified to meet these demands or he has barely the time to do so; hence, it seems inevitable to assign to a specialist this challenge. Also, he can count on multiple benefits through the systematic organization and monitoring of promotional activities. Initially, promotion addresses the existing clientele and builds a closer and more intimate relationship with it. Subsequently, a wider audience is targeted, enriching the pharmacy’s database.  Consequently, the pharmacy is positively positioned and, as a result, its awareness and sales are increased.

There is a wide range of promotional activities over the recent years, which are changing the traditional image of a pharmacy, including:

  • Creation of corporate identity
  • Use of digital signage
  • Visual merchandising and product placement
  • Creation of conceptual window displays
  • Distribution of printed material
  • Communication with newsletters, email and SMS
  • Clever use of social media
  • Staff education and training, aiming to provide a meaningful and personalized service.

Extrοversion and implementation of promoting activities will certainly lead to a larger audience and boosted sales for the pharmacy.