Customer: Τhe Cornerstone of CRM

Customer: Τhe Cornerstone of CRM

Customer: Τhe Cornerstone of CRM 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Modern businesses need to have in-depth knowledge of their customers and thorough understanding of their expectations. They also need to be aware of what clients and customer chains are about, analyzing the following:

  • Key types of customers, based on their characteristics during a transaction
  • Processes used by a customer during a purchase
  • Roles a customer can impersonate when deciding about a product he wants to buy.

It is of outmost importance to segment customers on the basis of the most popular demographic, psychological and behavioral variables, in order to identify their needs and deliver the best possible service. Important data to be included are the characteristics and categories of customers. Such a well-designed database can be used to analyze the purchasing behavior and preference of each customer and help the pharmacist plan his strategy with accuracy and effectiveness.

A customer-centered approach gives your pharmacy a comparative advantage and helps its sustainability and prosperity.