Pharmacy2020 Summer Projects: PharmacyBrain Software & Loyalty Programs

Pharmacy2020 Summer Projects: PharmacyBrain Software & Loyalty Programs

Pharmacy2020 Summer Projects: PharmacyBrain Software & Loyalty Programs 1201 631 Pharmacy2020

At Pharmacy2020 we always strive to implement the goals we set together with our partnering pharmacists for the proper operation of their pharmacies and the coverage of their new needs, as they keep growing and evolving.

During summer we completed a variety of projects related to our software, PharmacyBrain, which is a valuable tool of overall management and overall computerization of the pharmacy. We are very happy when our partners are progressing with us and are completely satisfied with our services and the solutions we offer to them.

Our Partners say


“I have been using PharmacyBrain software for a year and I am very pleased to confirm my initial conviction. PharmacyBrain is the most suitable option for the organization of my pharmacy. It is a program with many possibilities that ensures immediate and efficient management of all our tasks, from the counter to the storage. Of course, the training provided by the Pharmacy2020 team and their continuous support played an important role in integrating the software into my pharmacy. In combination with the Bonus Program we have created, they have helped us to strengthen our trustful relationship with our customers and increase our sales. In August we expanded and renovated our pharmacy, as our needs keep increasing. In addition to the architectural and construction part, the Pharmacy2020 team has successfully undertaken and carried out all the necessary system modifications and upgrades of our equipment to fully meet our new requirements”.

“I cooperate with Pharmacy2020, because from the first moment I realized that they are professionals with a business approach who are well aware of the requirements of today’s pharmacy. I chose the PharmacyBrain software because it has a complete database and it is compatible with GESY, so it totally meets the needs of my pharmacy and helps us to carry out our work smoothly and successfully. Through discussions we developed the most suitable Bonus Program for my pharmacy, which rewards our customers and boosts our sales. Every day I realize that my partners at Pharmacy2020 and I have the same goals and work as a team for the overall development of my pharmacy”.

“The Pharmacy2020 team has successfully installed the PharmacyBrain software in my pharmacy. They supported us throughout the whole process with professionalism and consistency. They helped us at every step of the transition from our previous system, trained us and keep aiding us in whatever comes up in our daily routine. In addition, they designed for us a Bonus Program, tailored to the needs of my pharmacy, which is highly effective and my customers are fully satisfied with it”.


PharmacyBrain is a contemporary software with an easy-to-use management environment and an up-to-date database that fully meets the needs of the pharmacy, supporting IDIKA, as well as GESY and KOEF, while guaranteeing:

  • Quick Customer Service & Recipe Execution
  • Efficient Warehouse Administration (orders – receipts – returns)
  • Financial Management & Sales Statistics
  • Customer Bonus Program Development
  • High Level Technical Support 24/07
  • Interconnection of Pharmacy Networks & Chains

PharmacyBrain POS Terminals

Specially designed POS Terminals of high standards that help reduce customer service time, with touch screen and second screen (customer side) for advertising pharmacy services. They allow the pharmacist to execute prescriptions quickly and promptly and optimally manage pharmacy’s procedures.

  • Touch Screen 15,6” LED Full HD 1920×1080
  • Second Advertising Screen 15,6” LED Full HD 1920×1080
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-7167U
  • RAM: 8GB RAM,
  • HDD: 256GB SSD,
  • Loudspeakers: 2 X 1 Watt
  • OS: Windows 10 pro 64 Bit
  • Certifications: CE & FCC
  • Warranty: 2 years – Replacement machine within 5 days after declaring a damage