The electromechanical study for a pharmacy

The electromechanical study for a pharmacy

The electromechanical study for a pharmacy 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Very often, due to ignorance or cost parameters, a pharmacist may neglect the overall image of his store. However, electrical and electronic installation, air conditioning and lighting are key factors in creating the right environment for a pharmacy.

A study that takes into account the relevant regulations, specifications and best practices that have been recorded, along with the use of certified materials and appliances, results in economies of scale regarding consumption and operation safety. What is more, the aesthetic effect is essential in attracting consumers and enlarging the customer base of the pharmacy.

The architectural design for a pharmacy must include:

  • a proper study and construction of its electromechanical parts and installations
  • a correct distribution of electrical charges
  • a detailed lighting study
  • a selection of luminaries to be installed
  • certified materials
  • ideal temperature
  • energy saving standards and specifications

The above features contribute to the establishment of the unique identity and ambiance of the pharmacy and the creation of a positive consumer feeling, so that customers will want to visit the pharmacy again and again.