Consumers’ emotional profile

Consumers’ emotional profile

Consumers’ emotional profile 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

It will not be long before salesmen in sophisticated companies will be capable to “read” and understand each customer’s emotional profile. According to a new approach by neuroscience, we can radically transform our emotions under the condition that we connect our brain networks appropriately!

For the first time in human history, we understand how our emotional responses are created and how we proceed to the decisions we make. Our emotional world consists of six categories. Depending on where we stand at each scale (e.g. very or little adaptable), we feel, think and react accordingly.

Flexibility: How quickly can we pull ourselves together after a strenuous situation? When we have to face an unpleasant situation, do we regain our strength quickly or do we resign and act in a negative way?

Social intuition: It is our ability to receive messages from the environment. Do we understand body language? Can we diagnose from the tone of voice the state of mind of an individual? Do the reactions of others confuse us and make us feel uncertain?

Perception of our body: Can we explain our deeper thoughts and feelings? Do we understand what our body has to tell us? Do we communicate with our inner feelings?

Adaptability: It is our ability to control and adapt our emotions and reactions to the various circumstances of everyday life.

Attention: The ability to plan, execute and finish our projects.

Our rating on the aforementioned categories tells a lot about our choices in life.