Are your customers satisfied?

Are your customers satisfied?

Are your customers satisfied? 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Pharmacists tend to keep a constant eye to sales, gross margin or net profit, but what about customer satisfaction? Customers are in the heart of the pharmacy’s operation; they are the ones who rate it and determine its total value as a business.

The secret to keeping your existing clientele and attract new customers lies in one word: service. Talking about service, we mean the service provided before, during and after the client has left your pharmacy. Service is the key, rather than low prices or overstuffed shelves, so you should focus your attention on the following:

Train your staff. Extraordinary customer service has to become a priority, the motto of your business. It is your responsibility to convey the customer-centric message to your staff and make sure that each and every customer is served at the top level. A personal touch will always make customers revisit your pharmacy and will create a positive and lasting impression in their mind.

Be honest and sincere. Build personal relations and convince your customers of your knowledge and honesty. Answer their questions, suggest products that are value for money, provide clear and easy-to-understand information through your website.

Be available. Each customer demands full attention and makes no compromise on that. The consumers expect immediate answers to their questions or complaints, whether they contact you personally or through your website or your social media accounts. Do not underestimate the power of being friendly and helpful to your clients.

React positively. Receiving a negative comment is not necessarily bad. It may point out a weakness you have not noticed so far. Pay close attention to your social media. Read customers’ reviews, assess both positive and negative comments and take the opportunity to improve your services and products. Providing an opportunity for your customers to give feedback is an excellent way to improve the level of your service.