Pharmacy computerization

Pharmacy computerization

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Pharmacies have come a long way and have changed their character and function; they are now modern department stores, one-stop-shops that are expanding their area of business every day.

Given the dozens of prescriptions which are fulfilled daily, the drug prices which often change, the thousands of OTC products, hundreds of transactions with the insurance institutions and the ever-increasing amount of data, pharmacy computerization is of great importance and an extremely significant parameter. Actually, it is the foundation of the entire business and due to computerizing the pharmacist can save time and perform delicate operations, such as:

  • keeping track of their stock
  • placing orders online and receiving invoices
  • monitoring the financial figures for every fiscal year
  • doing the accounting
  • automatically renewing the prices of medicines and parapharmaceutical products
  • registering the receipts and completing the transactions with the insurance funds

A pharmacist has to make a thorough research before selecting the computerizing system that best fits his pharmacy; he has to pay attention to after sales service and the support he can get from the software provider, ensuring that the pharmacy is being integrated into an information system environment in which data is easily and directly accessed and shared.