Pharmacies as part of the community

Pharmacies as part of the community

Pharmacies as part of the community 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Pharmacist, Andreas Kallivokas, writes for Pharmacy2020.


The relationship between society and businesses is a complex issue. Society provides the framework within which a company operates; companies in return contribute to social well-being by developing technology, offering innovative products and services and employing manpower.

Pharmacies are dynamic units of the society, since they interweave with the health sector, while at the same time they have expanded to the beauty and wellness sectors.

Some time ago profit and social benefit were contradicting each other. Nowadays, this conflict has been resolved through a creative synthesis. Both goals can be served at the same time; businesses – and pharmacies in particular – have realized that pursuing short-term profits does not guarantee long-term business success. That is why they have added concepts such as “business ethics” and “corporate social responsibility”.

The public opinion imposes on companies to be sensitive and responsible, to show a human face and focus not only on short-term goals but on long-term goals as well. Pharmacies must align to this since they operate in the sensitive areas of health and well-being.

Integrity, ethical values, long-term targeting, along with personalized approach of the patient/client/consumer can guarantee business profit for the pharmacy and a positive impact on the society.


Andreas Kallivokas