Pharmacy2020: Advocating for Pharmacies and the Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmacy2020: Advocating for Pharmacies and the Pharmaceutical Sector

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Pharmacy2020 has always been by the side of Pharmacists, acting as an ambassador for the pharmaceutical industry, seizing every opportunity to support and promote their work, in order to strengthen the decisive role they play in the preservation of public health. Aiming to actively support pharmacists, especially during the difficult period we are still going through due to the pandemic, George Pakertzoglou, founder of Pharmacy2020, gave two interviews to the print and online versions of “Naftemporiki” and to “Huffington Post“.

In the interviews, George Pakertzoglou pointed out the unquestionable contribution of Pharmacists to the primary health care system, the changes that have taken place in the pharmaceutical sector during the pandemic of Coronavirus and whether they will be maintained in the post-Covid-19 era. He also indicated what needs to be done, in order for the pharmaceutical sector to be institutionally recognized by the National Health Care System.

The articles include interesting facts and findings about the Greek pharmaceutical market, that are also common in the Cypriot market and are visible and perceivable at different levels in both countries. The impact of the service that Pharmacists continuously offer to their clients-patients is just as strong in both Greece and Cyprus and their imprint on maintaining the health and psychology of people is obvious in both countries.





George Pakertzoglou had a conversation with the journalist of Naftemporiki, Sofia Emmanuel, about the key role of Pharmacists in the midst of a pandemic, the entry of digital communication in the physical pharmacy and the new trends and changes brought by the Coronavirus era in the pharmacies. The interesting facts about the physical and online pharmacy that are reflected in the article, although they concern Greece, correspond and express the Cypriot reality too, but on a different scale and confirm the views that we have been advocating for years as Pharmacy2020, regarding the community pharmacy, the role of Pharmacists and the position they must have in the National Health Care System.

You can read the article here, on the website of Naftemporiki or you can download it in pdf version from here.





What is the role of Pharmacists in the Coronavirus Era? Did the pandemic tighten the relationship between Pharmacists and citizens? Will there be a crisis in the pharmaceutical industry after the pandemic? George Pakertzoglou answered these and 7 more questions of Sotiris Valaris, in an interview for the Huffington Post, about the effect of the Pharmacist in preserving our health and the significant role he plays daily in our society.

You can read the interview here, on the website of Huffington Post or you can watch here the video with George’s Pakertzoglou answers.