Pharmacy2020 provides integrated & bespoke consulting services to the independent community pharmacy and its stakeholders for effective business management, communication & promotion, within the European pharmacy market.
Pharmacy2020 was founded in 2013 by the Greek business development consultant George Pakertzoglou MEng, who has significant experience in the business organization of the community pharmacy and the overall retail market.
His team involves management, marketing and technology consultants, architects and engineers, with extended knowledge of the latest developments in the community pharmacy and the trends in the retail market. Pharmacy2020 applies diversified and custom-made systems for its clientele.


Community pharmacists or pharmacy suppliers find solutions to all their business and operational needs, through a one-stop-shop cooperation.


Pharmacy2020 is the community pharmacist’s ideal consultant in issues related to management consulting, human resources, marketing & communication, and architectural design & construction.

The scope of the company, as achieved through the application of the services rendered to its clientele, is to:

  • Apply innovated and custom-made communication tools for the overall communication of the community pharmacy
  • Apply rational administrative principles for every business supporting the community pharmacy channel
  • Provide ongoing training for the community pharmacist and the pharmacy’s personnel
  • Optimize the customer-driven and personalized communication between the pharmacy and its associates
  • Upgrade the patient-consumer’s psychology, leading to effective pharmaceutical care
  • Support the community pharmacist-scientist to prove the necessity of his services within the national health system
  • Organize a measurable contribution system of the pharmacy community, linked to the national health system.

Clientele & Stakeholders

Pharmacy2020 provides integrated & bespoke business consulting services to its pharmacy clientele. Community pharmacists or pharmacy suppliers find solutions to all their business and operational needs, through a one-stop-shop cooperation. Company’s clientele & stakeholders within the European pharmacy market may be:

  • Individual community pharmacies
  • New community pharmacists
  • Local pharmacy alliances
  • E-Commerce businesses
  • Individual Investors & investment companies with interest in the pharmacy market
  • Pharmacist Students & graduates
  • Private Universities’ Department of Pharmacy
  • Commercial entities & suppliers
  • Production companies
  • Distributors & Pharmacy wholesalers
  • Pharmacy Services providers

European Presence

Mission Statement

Pharmacy2020 acts to define the European community independent pharmacy as a combination of a primary health care station and a retail business, with the contributing entities supporting and protecting the above scope, providing high-quality services and products to the end consumer.

Pharmacy Change

European Pharmacy in recession

  • The business quality of medicine handling through the pharmacy has an inelastic profitability
  • The parapharmaceutical product material is placed on commercial channels outside the pharmacy
  • The liquidity of a medium pharmacy is particularly depressed
  • E-commerce companies, given the irregularities in their pricing policy on parapharmaceutical material, train the consumer on a daily basis to confront the community worker in an occasional way.
  • The inadequate knowledge of business and commercial management by the community pharmacist-owner makes the management of the community pharmacy difficult.
  • The competition from large multinational chains is affecting the operation of independent community pharmacies.
  • The scientific background of the community pharmacist and the pharmacy employees certifies the operation of the community pharmacy.
  • The need of the consumers-patients to build relationships of trust, respect and love with their community worker.
  • The extensive list of consumer needs, in which today’s pharmacy has a small part.
  • The global “shift” from treatment to prevention.
  • The variety of contemporary marketing techniques & tools. The consumer is being “trained” on a daily basis to follow reliable sources of services & product material.

Fundamental parameters of pharmacy change