Satisfied customers lead to increased sales

Satisfied customers lead to increased sales

Satisfied customers lead to increased sales 1201 631 Pharmacy2020

Satisfied customers mean two things for a pharmacy: first of all they are loyal and, secondly, they are willing to spend. We do not suggest that a pharmacist should be only after money. On the contrary, a pharmacist builds an honest relationship with his patients – customers when he offers them exactly what they need and are willing to pay. So, it is important for a pharmacist to know how to keep customers happy.

Product placement is of major importance. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to understand what he is expecting from your pharmacy: segmentation, easy access to what he is looking for, fair prices. Similar products must be placed together, in order to make it easier for the consumer to compare the brands, the products, the prices. Place together seasonal products and highlight your discount offers.

Sunscreens, facial creams & shampoos have to be grouped and stored at the same shelf or corridor. Do you offer a variety of similar products? That is important, because consumers like to compare, they want to be able to choose between different brands and companies. Variety of products and options satisfy the consuming instinct, prompting your clientele to spend.

Last but not least, we have to point out once more that personal service makes the difference. Engage with your clientele, talk to them, serve them personally, train your staff to act and serve as you do. Do not hesitate to suggest a product that your customer is unaware of. The “reason why” is to build a personal relationship with the client and to make it easier for him to reach a decision. This way, you can bet that you will gain his trust and you will see him coming back really soon.