Put in place an active marketing plan for your pharmacy

Put in place an active marketing plan for your pharmacy

Put in place an active marketing plan for your pharmacy 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Personalized communication and promotion are the key words for a pharmacy’s growth. Your marketing plan should be composed of applied actions to address the pharmacy clientele with innovative ideas, such as:

Customer loyalty program. That is the ideal way to increase your clientele, keep them informed and promote the products each customer is looking for, plus reward them for their loyalty. It is a win-win situation all pharmacies are looking for.

Product promotion. Make use of new technology tools, digital signage and creative content, in order to boost your products’ image and sales.

Social media. They are established as a highly effective promoting tool, and what’s more, social media come at a reasonable cost. Facebook, Instagram, newsletters will help you communicate effectively with your audience and get new followers every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Take account of your social, economic and environmental impact and get involved in a range of activities such as:

  • collaborate with non-governmental organizations
  • support local communities
  • develop relationships with employees and customers
  • adapt an environmental protection and sustainability attitude

Use creative concepts. A pharmacy is not just about selling drugs. Have you ever thought of turning your pharmacy into, an art gallery? Put your imagination in action and transform the façade, the storefront, the inner space of your pharmacy. Instead of a typical, old-fashioned store, you can transform it to an attractive one-stop shop!