Product categories & product placement

Product categories & product placement

Product categories & product placement 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Is there a coherent logic in placing the products in your pharmacy? How did you choose the colors and the lighting? Do you have complete control of the overall setup? Do you realize that different solutions lead to different results?

Product categories and product placement is key for a pharmacy to attain its goals. Products have to be placed and presented in the most efficient and appealing way, inviting the consumers to buy.

Visual merchandising deals with managing customers’ willingness to spend. Critical factors that must be always taken into account are:

  • the particular characteristics of the pharmacy’s clientele
  • the pharmacist’s priorities as to the products he wishes to promote
  • the pharmacy’s relationship with suppliers
  • the staff training in order to serve the pharmacy’s goals

No general-use solutions can be applied in visual merchandising and product placement. Furthermore, visual merchandising is not optional. It is a prerequisite for the modern pharmacy and it guarantees its functionality and profitability.