Pharmacy decoration and visual displays

Pharmacy decoration and visual displays

Pharmacy decoration and visual displays 1201 631 Pharmacy2020

Pharmacies had so far been identified in the consumer’s mind with a certain image: a store that supplies medicines and certain health products, which cannot be found elsewhere. No doubt, this was a non-attractive and old-fashioned image.

Today pharmacies have dramatically evolved. The “next-stage pharmacy” is a one-stop shop offering high-quality services and premium products related to health, wellness, beauty and welfare. However, this has to be communicated effectively to the consumers; the message has to be absorbed, in order to replace the old one. The decoration, the colors, the overall image should invite everyone to participate in this new consuming experience. In conclusion, the typical pharmacy should turn into a modern and attractive one-stop shop!

Modern pharmacists should use creatively all their “keys”. To start with, the display window is ideal to invite passers-by to come in. The interior of the pharmacy has to be refurbished completely, in order to highlight the products, creating excitement and joy for the consumer to search and buy. Visual displays are critical to introduce new products and boost sales of existing ones, inform and keep consumers pleasantly busy while waiting in the queue. Infomercial content on pharmaceutical products, health-related facts, as well as lifestyle products and services, retain customers’ attention. The attractive environment of a modern pharmacy is an ideal place to spend time, learn and consume.

It would not be surprising, if the pharmacies hosted even more activities in the future: recreational, cultural or artistic.