Online pharmacy: a phenomenon of our times

Online pharmacy: a phenomenon of our times

Online pharmacy: a phenomenon of our times 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

The online pharmacy is the online service of a «physical» licensed pharmacy.  The two of them can perfectly co-exist as long as one basic term is met: the online pharmacy must not devour the physical pharmacy by offering extremely low prices. On the contrary, it has to follow a reasonable pricing policy.

Online pharmacies usually address to young and middle age target groups who are familiar with online shopping. In Greece, the online pharmacy is not allowed to sell prescription medicines, but only parapharmaceutical products, such as food supplements, cosmetics, wellbeing products.

The online pharmacy offers a broad range of benefits:

  • it helps the pharmacist expand his clientele, since it knows no geographical restrictions. What is more, consumers can place their order from their mobile or computer.
  • an online pharmacy needs no physical space to store goods, thus leading to serious cost-cutting. At the same time, an endless range of goods can be offered.
  • it works with less staff than a physical pharmacy and yet the needs of the clientele can be rapidly satisfied
  • All purchases are recorded electronically, and a valid database can be kept on each customer’s details and preferences.

Online pharmacies are a phenomenon of our times that is continuing to spread. To enhance the profits and minimize the risks involved, a long-term marketing and promotion plan has to be determined from day one. The secret for the success of an online pharmacy does not lie on low prices, but on the segmentation of its clientele and the personalized services it offers to the different target groups.