Neuro-marketing: its meaning, its value

Neuro-marketing: its meaning, its value

Neuro-marketing: its meaning, its value 1201 631 Pharmacy2020

Marketing and psychology interweave. Why? Simply because marketing is the system and the method we use to price, display and sell products and services. And this system is based on the knowledge of the consumers’ social and psychological behavior. That is where neuro-marketing comes into the picture.

Which factors connect psychology to neuroscience? The blooming of the consumer society from 1950 and on has led to researches, which have established that consumers do not respond similarly to others to the same products or marketing strategies. The reason is that each consumer has different needs, lifestyle and psychographic characteristics. Thus, the study of the consumer behavior has led to the creation of a distinctive field of marketing called neuro-marketing.

Nowadays, there are three dominant theories regarding consumer behavior. The first theory studies the consumer’s purchasing behavior. The second focuses on the process that takes place before the consumer purchases or discards a product or service that is offered to him. The third theory considers that the behavior of the consumer interacts with emotion, knowledge, behavior and environment.

In fact, neuro-marketing helps us decode the way a random consumer makes a decision, focusing on what he buys, why he buys it, when and where he buys it and in what frequency. And beyond doubt, a contemporary pharmacy can grow significantly, if it has the answers to those crucial questions.