Music in your pharmacy? Yes, for a number of reasons

Music in your pharmacy? Yes, for a number of reasons

Music in your pharmacy? Yes, for a number of reasons 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

The majority of customers feel embarrassed when they enter a silent store where nothing is heard. This leads them subconsciously to leave and look for a friendlier and more intimate environment. That explains why most shops have music in the background; what is more, recent studies have proven that music plays a key role on what products customers choose and how much they spend.

Pharmacies in Greece tend to evolve in a one-stop-shop for savvy consumers, thus they have several good reasons to play music.

First of all, music encourages consumption. Buyers tend to spend more when pleasant music is playing, even when they do not notice it playing in the background. Classical music encourages the purchase of expensive items, while mainstream music leads to more trendy products.

Also, music tends to create a private space. It conceals the voices, the noise and the movements and creates the illusion of privacy for customers in the pharmacy.

Music can also change our perception of time and it is used to shorten waiting time. A queue always seems shorter when a melody keeps us company and makes us feel less bored or stressed.

Last but not least, music increases productivity. Music in the pharmacy will not only increase consumption, but it will certainly affect the staff’s concentration and productivity as people tend to work faster and complete their task with more accuracy and creativity when they listen to music.