Is it wise for a pharmacy to use a human resources consultant?

Is it wise for a pharmacy to use a human resources consultant?

Is it wise for a pharmacy to use a human resources consultant? 1201 631 Pharmacy2020

Let us make it clear altogether: this article applies to all pharmacies: small, medium, large or chains of drugstores. The collaboration with an outside human resources consultant saves money and produces excellent results for every pharmacy –regardless of its size.

At a first glance, an experienced consultant can take care of choosing the right staff for the pharmacy. Explicitly:

  • he will draft the job advertisement
  • he will scrutinize the CVs that you will receive
  • he will conduct the interviews with the candidates
  • he will end up with the right person for the post.

But is this all he can do? Perhaps, his initial and more crucial contribution is to assess the potential of your pharmacy, evaluate your staff and mobilize it for better results. Let’s look at how he may help your business:

Value for money. A human resources consultant saves you money, as you can use him on an hourly or as-needed basis. It is an ad hoc expenditure worth its money.

Effective recruitment. The human resources consultant will choose the appropriate candidate for your pharmacy not only by his typical and formal qualifications, but by taking into account psychometric parameters such as his EQ, resilience etc.

Performance evaluation. The consultant is the right person to assess your staff, train them and mobilize them, setting the right goals for each employee individually. He knows how to create a co-responsibility and corporate culture and how to define, in cooperation with you, incentives, rewards and recognition schemes.

Objective view. The owner of a pharmacy cannot always dissociate and have an objective look on what’s happening in the pharmacy. On the other hand, an experienced human resources consultant can notice where your business lags as he casts a fresh set of eyes on it.

In conclusion, if a human resources consultant gains you time, money and quality of staff, is there a reason you should not trust him?