How to deal with impatient customers

How to deal with impatient customers 1201 631 Pharmacy2020

Quite a few pharmacists feel embarrassed when they have to deal with impatient or dissatisfied customers, who feel that the level of service is below their expectations.

Indeed, the increasing daily stress and the work-related pressure push some consumers to an extreme and absurd behavior. Certain patients tend to forget that a pharmacy is not just another shop; it deals with health issues and, therefore, is obliged to follow strict procedures, which are certainly time-consuming. In cases like these, the pharmacist has an extra job to do: Ηe has to explain things and educate his patients about his responsibilities.

Drugs are not like any other products we pick from the shelf and put in our basket. The pharmacist is not allowed to make any mistake. He must be sure that he is giving the prescribed medicine or that he is preparing the homeopathic remedy using the right dosage and quality of natural substances. Time is essential to his profession.

On the other hand, consumers are misguided in many cases by campaigns and ads that promise direct service in no time. So, it is the pharmacist’s duty to convey the right message: medicines and products sold in a pharmacy are to be treated with care and knowledge. Slight delays are due to the attention he has to pay to every prescription. It may take time to get consumers used to this, but it is worth the effort as it has to do with public safety and their health.