Crisis management for your pharmacy

Crisis management for your pharmacy

Crisis management for your pharmacy 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

A crisis is always unpredictable, it causes disruption of the smooth and seamless operation of a pharmacy and can damage its reputation towards its patients and clientele. So, a crisis situation must find you prepared with a consistency plan.

First of all, secure your database. A pharmacy usually keeps sensitive personal data of its suppliers and customers. Make sure you safeguard them with the support of a data protection officer if needed, so that this data is always properly kept and accessible to no one else than you.

Forecasting an unexpected incident is always useful. Prepare an emergency plan and assign in advance specific roles to people you trust. Define their responsibilities, so that everyone knows how to act in a crisis.

Furthermore, it always pays back to make creative use of internet and social media. Let your clientele, suppliers, followers know through your website, your FB page, newsletters or SMS that everything is under control and your pharmacy will soon return to the “business as usual” situation.

Last but not least, remain calm. Yes, the normal reaction to a crisis or an unpredictable incident is panic, but you should not allow this happen to you. You set the example for your staff and your associates. You know the old saying “in a calm sea every man is a pilot”, now you have to prove that you can manage in a stormy sea as well.