Commercial architecture & conceptual design

Commercial architecture & conceptual design

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Modern pharmacies have expanded dramatically their area of interest. They have evolved in one-stop-shops which provide beauty and welfare products, along with health and well-being consultation. Consequently, it is of ultimate importance and a top priority for a modern pharmacy to inform the public about its transformation into a modern department store providing high quality services and products, given that the established perception of its role is not easy to change.

This new pharmacy image and role has to be communicated in a non-verbal way, as it is impossible for the pharmacist and his staff to inform the consumers one by one. And that is exactly what commercial architecture and conceptual design achieve. They are the ideal tools to transmit a clear and attractive message about the pharmacy’s new role.

Every pharmacy seeks to create its own, unique features. This personalized approach can be achieved by combining the principles of commercial architecture and conceptual design. A modern pharmacy can now differentiate from its competitors by incorporating to its identity the personality and philosophy of its owner; it addresses not just patients but a healthy audience as well who wants to improve and upgrade its everyday life. A pharmacy nowadays, contrary to the past, is a place that creates positive feelings for both the consumers and the staff working in it.

The internal arrangement, the use of colors and state-of-the-art materials, the product placement, the new methods of communicating and interacting with the public provide an unparalleled consumer experience. The old type of pharmacy has given its place to a new retail experience, where customers feel at ease to compare and buy. The modern pharmacy is a place that makes you feel unique and important. Clever use of commercial architecture and conceptual design helps gain the consumer’s confidence and build solid bonds of trust between him and the pharmacy. For him, it is no longer a pharmacy, it is his pharmacy and that makes all the difference in the world!