Caring for my clients

Caring for my clients 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

The pharmacist-client relationship has shifted from just selling medicines to the creation of a personal relationship and an excellent customer service. Satisfying a pharmacy customer today is at the heart of the business and consumers must feel deep in their heart that the pharmacist cares about their well-being. Consequently:

  • A pharmacist takes nobody for granted. Even the most loyal customers deserve the same level of attention and service as the newcomers.
  • Don’t fake interest. Customers can tell when somebody really cares about them. The necessary empathy a pharmacist should have for his patients keeps the relationship alive. Have also in mind that you should be able to understand customers from their point of view and not just insist on your opinion.
  • Introduce new services and products. It is not only about your pharmacy and boosting sales. Consumers are also in need of new products and services. If your pharmacy meets this need, it helps them feel important. Many customers expect to be presented with new products or a new department in your store, and this cannot be compromised. Innovation helps keep customers coming and sustain the pharmacy in an increasingly competitive market.