Boost both physical & online sales

Boost both physical & online sales 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Pharmacies are looking for ways to offer their customers a pleasant and seamless shopping experience, either through their physical store or through their website. Consumers are familiar with modern technology and consequently fully informed, which means that their relationship with the pharmacy has changed and what matters most is personalized marketing, personalized service and the right use of social media in attracting and maintaining a pharmacy’s clientele.

The right strategy for a physical pharmacy is to have the consumer at the center of attention. Unlike a supermarket, where everyone is a nameless, anonymous unit, the pharmacy staff must be properly trained and able to respond to each and every question or demand. Consumers may have problems related with health issues or questions about beauty or wellness products or food supplements. In any case, they must all be served appropriately by knowledgeable staff or the pharmacist in person.

Online pharmacies ensure success when customers browse their catalog, get detailed information about the products, order them online and pick them up within a reasonable period of time. The use of social media and personalized marketing are of major importance for online pharmacies as well. Sophisticated management systems help the pharmacy record and keep data of each customer’s purchases in order to promote offers and discounts directly to his tablet or smart phone.

Both physical and online pharmacies have to invest in reward programs which create a firm basis of loyal customers in order to maintain and increase their clientele. Interaction is the key word and pharmacies need to make the maximum out of the feedback they get from their clients regarding the quality of service provided and the product range they store on their shelves.