Attract more customers without discounting

Attract more customers without discounting

Attract more customers without discounting 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

Have you ever wondered whether offering discounts is a good marketing policy for your pharmacy? The answer is “no”. In the long run, a pharmacy has no benefit from a discount policy. On the contrary, the market rewards those who invest in more efficient and customer-centric plans.

Location. Location is a key factor; it has a big impact on attracting customers and on sales price level. A consumer may subconsciously prefer to pay more expensive for the same product from a pharmacy in a prime location than in one in some distant and dimly lit road.

Product selection. Quality, wide product range & availability, positioning, is the key to offering your customers an excellent buying experience that they will want to repeat and will encourage them to spend more money.

Staff. It can make a difference! Highly motivated staff, which has adopted a customer-centric attitude and has the necessary product knowledge, is certainly your most valuable asset.

Technology. A well-designed customer loyalty program increases the turnover and net profits of your pharmacy. Use your database to communicate personalized offers in order to attract old customers and lure new ones. Be present in the social media and create a network of friends and followers who will sooner or later become your customers.

In conclusion, location, product selection, staff and technology will produce better and long-standing results.