3 things you should never tell your customers

3 things you should never tell your customers

3 things you should never tell your customers 1200 631 Pharmacy2020

The study “The Three Ds of Customer Experience” by James Allen, Frederick F. Reichheld and Barney Hamilton reveals that 8 out of 10 retailers (and pharmacists among them) believe they offer an excellent level of service to their clients, whilst their customers are much less satisfied, as only 40% of them agree. And because “client is king”, as the old saying goes, here are three phrases that you or your staff should never tell!

“I don’t know/I have not heard of this product”. Ignorance is not permitted or excused. If a customer asks for a product that you have not been informed about, you can still show interest and look like you care and respect him. “I will ask and find out” or “I will call a colleague of mine” are definitely better answers than “I’ve never heard of this product”.

“I am not the person in charge”. Besides being wrong, this answer is also rude. The customer is not obliged to know who does what in a pharmacy and as he comes to you for help; his problem becomes your problem. Instead of trying to avoid responsibility, try to help him or find somebody who can help. Customer satisfaction is the basis for keeping the business afloat.

“Who knows if it works?” You have to trust and believe in your products in order to convince your customers. The way you present a product, the tone of your voice and the body language you are using make the difference. If your angle is something like “I don’t personally use it” or “I personally don’t trust it” you don’t sincerely expect to sell, do you?

In conclusion, the staff of your pharmacy must be trained on a regular basis on sales promotion techniques and ways to properly and efficiently handle customers.